Anna Davis  – Northwest Oil Painter – Artist Statement

Born in the Northwest and raised by nature loving, artistic parents, art has been woven into my life from an early age. Drawing was strongly encouraged as a family activity, when I was young.  My parents’ natural talent to draw and see artistically, allowed my artistic expression to flourish.  They would often challenge my brother and me in drawing contests with grand prizes. Eventually, we moved from Portland to Kirkland, Washington which was the region I remained for 15 years.  While there, I attended the Seattle Academy of Fine Art, attended Life Drawing classes at Daniel Smith and spent three months in Italy at the Florence Academy of Fine Art. Most of my art education has been in the Classical style; aiming to capture the likeness on paper or canvas. Expressing mood, thought or a scene has been the challenge and a constant pull within me.

This explanation reveals my choice for subjects.  Live scenes and subjects I relish. The simple placements of everyday items I tend to fall in love with. The humble simplicity I try to share with our society which is often frantic and complicated. Animals are a fascinating subject, having been a large part of my life. I love to delve into their poses and seek out their unique personalities, and spirit. I reach for an understandable expression to portray these special beings, which photos often lack.  These various subjects circulate through my mind and creates an endless supply of inspiration.

Many years later when I met my husband, we migrated to Whidbey Island in 2009 and have been cherishing the Island life since. Living in such a beautifully rich area has cultivated my artistic expression even further, inspiring new views and subjects.  This lifestyle and nurturing culture has encouraged me to continue challenging myself with new view points, subjects and technique. Though, I remain steadfast to my favored medium, oils. The fluidity of oil paint, the varying texture and color abilities pair beautifully.  The wide characteristics of oil allow such maneuverability to portray a bird’s feathering, a solid and sparkling glass or the elastic skin of human. I truly relish this meditative approach to painting as my effort to slow my mind and body and to treasure this world filled with delicate and mysterious wonders.

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