Stephanie Schuemann

My love of art started at a very early age. When I first began creating art, it was a very solitary function; just me, a piece of paper and a pencil, but I always enjoyed the process. I remember filling the margins of books and my math papers with horses. My fifth grade teacher was so impressed and delighted with these pictures, that she strongly advised my parents to give me art lessons. For a short while I studied with a French art teacher named Nina Buxton in Bellevue, Washington. Through her instruction I learned the sheer joy of painting and drawing. Soon thereafter, I discovered other media such as water colors, colored pencil, and graphite.

Over the past five decades I have explored art on many different levels. I have had the good fortune to create everything from commissioned portraits, to book illustrations, to large murals. Since the 1990s, I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching art to children of all ages. I’m passionate about sharing the techniques I have learned. I feel Whidbey Island is a creative haven and have made it my home for nearly 20 years and I’m always inspired by its natural beauty.

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