Shari Thompson

Shari Thompson is a self taught bead weaver who has been making and selling her beaded jewelry for the past eight years. She has always been fascinated with bead work and in her early 20’s learned to bead on a loom. While she gave up beading to pursue other interests, she continued to collect tubes of seed beads over the years.

One day she found a pattern for a beaded necklace, took out some of her beads and taught herself to bead weave. After that, she began making jewelry using her own designs and selling at farmers markets, arts and craft shows and area galleries.

“while bead weaving is very time consuming, it is also very relaxing. I  can spend hours on something and just get lost in the process. With so many colors, sizes, types of beads and so many different types of stitches, the design possibilities seem endless.”

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