Rainy Lindell

Rainy Lindell, Oil Color Artist – So much to paint – so little time! Born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho which was a great place to grow up.  My 7th grade art teacher stirred my creative abilities and I took every art course I could.  My husband and I moved to Whidbey Island in 1994 and I pursued my painting with a new energy gained from this beautiful country of mountains and water.  As a self-taught artist, the beauty of nature has always inspired me.  The glow of a sunrise of sunset, the warm colors of autumn and the ever changing skies are the subjects I love to paint.  I enjoy painting with oils.  I find that they give me the rich warm dark colors that make the paintings glow as well as the vibrant bight colors that give my paintings a zing.  A long country road, an early morning sunrise or a walk on a mountain trail all move me to capture these moments.  Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t, but I learn something from every painting.