Phyllis Drummond

Phyllis enjoys working with both the watercolor medium and the pastel medium, sometimes in combination, to produce her visual artworks.

For inspiration, her first love is capturing the beautiful human personality using pastel, graphite, and watercolor portraits.

She is also inspired by the magnificent landscapes of the Pacific Northwest where she attempts to convey the feeling of the infinite she finds there.

She seeks out flowers as well, seeing them as radiantly concentrated reminders of the beauty of our physical world.

Phyllis first began drawing faces as a youth sketching from photos and magazines and later the faces of newscasters while watching TV. She began an art major at Georgia State University but, to more easily make her way in the world, completed her degrees in something considered more practical. Along life’s way she took art classes at the Atlanta College of Art, joined art groups, and attended numerous artists workshops.

Now she finds joy in painting full time.

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