Ladonna Everett

My work is eclectic leaning strongly in the Surreal. Soft pastels and charcoal are my standard tool of expression, but I will often stray to other mediums as well. I love eyes and faces and emotions and cats and black and red and white. I love the dream world, and the what if world. Maybe what you see in my art will make you think, question, look into ideas from a different perspective. Maybe I can make you turn on some emotions that you don’t normally turn on. Dali, and Escher do that for me. I hope you will enjoy my perspective on life!

I’m semi-retired from working to surviving to living in the art. Washington State born, California raised, and Europe explored. I recently settled on Whidbey Island, Washington (April 2014) in the small town of Langley. What a surprise to find this place to be the heart of art!

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Provocative Art of a Surreal Nature.