Jeanne Valdez

Artist Statement:  Art is a venture into the world of imagination and the unknown…The more you paint, the more you experiment with the different media, the more you grow as an artist.

While first holding a brush to canvas as a student I discovered my passion for art and knew that it would be a quest I would follow throughout my adulthood.  Although my  career path has taken me through the twists and turns of jobs and family it has also led me through enriching adventures such as teaching grade school art and adult workshops and the co-founding of Garry Oak Gallery in Oak Harbor.

I paint in several media, watercolor being my favorite.  I paint subjects that inspire me and use color, shadow and light, to define the features I feel are important.  When I’m faced with a blank sheet of watercolor paper or canvas, I will allow the painting media to dictate the path I will take when creating a new work of art.  When painting with watercolor I will ‘drop’ or ‘spray’ pigment onto the surface and allow the pigment to move across the surface by tilting and rotating the piece.  With acrylics or oils I will use brushes, painting knives, or even twigs and found items to move the pigments in the direction of my choice.  Depending on the complexity or simplicity of the subject, my paintings may be loosely rendered or highly defined.  I love this adventure!

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Art is a venture into the world of imagination and the unknown…