Gwen Berthiez

I never hefted a camera before about seven years ago and had no clue how to operate a ‘real’ camera – so complicated! And, I was working – no time even to relax and do whatever I wanted.

So when I retired, had discretionary time, and the versatile digital camera became available, I began taking pictures. The digital camera provided a wonderful creative outlet. Now I genuinely enjoy myself traipsing around out of doors – no apologies, just great fun, surprise, and delight!

I shoot wildlife most especially because it takes me out of myself and into Nature, which brings peace and quiet to my soul, and wonderful non-political, honest wildlife reality to my senses – besides – it’s an excuse to be out in the woods or on the water and doing whatever I enjoy, a great luxury – far away from normal daily nonsense.  An escape to the real world?

The Pacific Northwest offers a spectacular parade of entrancing images – a never-ending kaleidoscope of shapes, textures, and colors to entertain and intrigue the senses. I find Nature in all forms – stationary or moving – wildlife, landscapes, seascapes – to be perfectly beautiful just as SHE is without any artificial enhancements. Through my photography I attempt to capture and render Nature as simply and as accurately as possible.

I invite you to enjoy viewing my works at <>.

Thank you,

Gwen Berthiez