Dorothy Sanders

I fell in love with the arts very early in life when my first grade teacher let us draw pictures of our spelling words on Friday afternoons. I was fortunate to grow up near New York City with parents who made sure that I visited museums, galleries and events. I chose to attend college in New York State and earned my B.S, and M.S. in Art Education. I walked into my first classroom before I turned 21 and have continued to teach. I currently am the “teacher” at the Monday Art Class at the Oak Harbor Senior Center. I also show my work at Artworks at Greenbank Farm and at WAA Shows occasionally. I work primarily in water media on paper, canvas and fabrics. I find the surprises that occur when painting or working on fabrics never cease to amaze me. The puddles of watercolors or textures in acrylic impasto paintings stretch my imagination. Each piece of work inspires the next piece.

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