Frequently Asked Questions About Membership.

How does an artist become a member of WAA?

You fill out an application form with your contact information, along with a brief artist’s bio and provide photos (preferably digital images) of 3 pieces of your art. If the Executive Committee believes your work is a good fit with our membership and goals, then you are invited to become a member.

If I am not accepted for membership the first time is it possible to reapply?

Of course. Try to determine what you could do to improve your art. Do you need more experience or practice? Our artists can perhaps recommend a class or group for you to attend to get more experience. Sometimes it is just the way your art is presented; it may not be professional enough. For that we can offer advice, as well.

What does it cost per year to be a member?

Annual dues are $50 which covers many of our expenses, the largest being insurance. In addition, when you choose to participate in a show, the cost of the room rental is divided among all artists participating in the show. This usually ranges from $20 to $30 per show.

What if I'm a starving artist and membership is to much for me?

Each year, one $50.00 scholarship will be offered to an artist who meets the membership requirements and submits an application along with a letter stating reason for applying for scholarship rather than regular membership. Applicants will be judged on meeting membership requirements and likelihood of gaining benefit from participation in our organization.

How many artists are members of WAA?

Membership generally ranges from 35-45 active members.

Where do I obtain an application to join?

If you would like to become a member, applications can be had through our Membership Chairperson. Yes, I am interested in becoming a member!